Some Small Business hate SEO, why?

We all know that search Engine Optimization brings in more visitors to the website and in many cases those visitors are been converted to potential leads.

In a recent survey taken between large and medium sized companies in New York says that 75% of the companies that invested in social media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization are happy by getting new leads through search engines .

But unfortunately there are some small size companies they do not believe in Search Engine Optimization . In recent survey it is been said that nearly 60% of small business companies or not investing in Search Engine Optimization or in other words they do not believe that there are visibility online will bring in more sales to what they are doing. Bihar search engine analyst know that it is completely wrong.

There are some reasons why this small size companies or not believing in Return of Investment when they spend money in marketing their website through Search Engine Optimization . The first reason being Search Engine Optimization is time consuming method in order to bring the website to the first page for any keyword the investor should wait at least 3 months. Only after that he is going to actually see the effect of Search Engine Optimization but unfortunately many small size companies or not willing to pay and wait for results.

The Other main reason is that there are many Spam, Search Engine Optimization companies out there who are just waiting to cheat and make money using their ignorance.

I sincerely hope that this stage changes and all the law all small sized company start believing in Search Engine Optimization and online visibility.